Look around second Sogou come to welcome you to join the webmaster

has been added to the site navigation is regarded as one of the most commonly used website promotion, one of the most effective methods. Join the site navigation station can give the site a day tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of IP, more valuable is that almost all of the traffic is the most targeted, which the owners will not be moved? But most navigation stations are active included, many websites want to join in all hard.

in June, Sogou Sogou alliance navigation station (123.sogou.com) for union members to launch the "look around" Sogou won the praise the majority alliance webmaster, through the examination of the Union website has been in Sogou navigation column (123.sogou.com) was a month’s opportunity to show, please see the first list and display position.

do you want to win traffic and income? Do you want your site to join the Sogou site navigation page in the top position


in mid July, Sogou turn around to see the activities of the second attack again!

what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

active link: http://s.sogou.com/union/hd/zzk/index.html

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