Anshang – China nternet enterprise disease

network entrepreneurial passion is not a perpetual motion machine

March 2007, a small residential area in the middle of a provincial capital city, third floor. A communications products company has established its subsidiary company in the network, in the past six months, they had just completed a total of 500 thousand mobile phone games, the product development cost, work has been the parent company to sell, said a number of powerful media are interested in buying the game, for the expansion of user interaction. After this test block, think that the Internet will then have a brilliant future, the network department upgraded to network company. When the budget is 120 thousand, requiring a profit within six months.

with most grassroots network companies, they will position themselves in the business, every day the same is provocative speech and no time work system.

3 bedroom house, put seven computer, the director sat in the last row, his face always has three colors, passion eyes shine, to tell you we have an all-persuasive tongue, to Beijing Shanghai, want to rent a flat 1000 office buildings, all open horse treasure, all live in the villa the day is not far off; but when the company accused the men of eyebrows wrinkled up, not enough, six days 10 hours + work are required to work overtime without conditions; embarrassed when not stroking his hair, said to the staff, salary this month a few days later, the total company’s account has not finished clearing, the company can advance living expenses for you, then also.

company was established more than a month, but still can not find what you can get out of the results, the erratic from running a site plan to develop a series of animation, but, still continue to use the money, the status of employees like taking morphine, no speech and incitement to director, not to mention spirit.

Java programmer 10 every day to get up on time, opened the heavy course, began to work every day, but never get website department technology support, in their view, the technology for the Department of technical maintenance is to help them to solve the panda burning incense computer.

April, the company received a live, 8000 yuan, single corporation with the help of local administrative units do, so the new set of website projects on hold, from the source code to download a Down stand back, modify, art,.

when the money is spent, it was suggested that simply do it, make money, how many friends I have been engaged in the family, the monthly earning tens of thousands is not a dream. The original set for the site of the server into a temporary PW server, and the server system has a name – known for tomato garden.


spent 200 yuan to buy the PW version, operating for 1 months, 50 day online, there are 6 employees, income 200 yuan, followed by 3 months without wages, the operation cost is too high, move to the city.

got the money, but do not know how to spend money


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