23 year old guy idea of a ten million dollar investment

BI Chinese station on August 23rd reported

for the 23 year old young people, most people may have just graduated from University, in a tangle of jobs or something, and James · Proud (James Proud) has raised its startups to millions of dollars of funds. Prodi’s company makes a device that helps people sleep better and deeper.

Prodi is Hello’s CEO, they create a device named "feeling sleep tracker". This device looks like a ball, you can put on your nightstand. When you are asleep, it can monitor various environmental factors in your bedroom. "Feeling sleep Tracker" idea to help you develop good sleep habits, and find out what reason cause you to wake in the night.

Hello fundraising platform on the public platform Kickstarter on Friday just ended, the company has far exceeded the initial $100 thousand fundraising goal, raising the amount of up to $2 million 400 thousand. But the money is only a small fraction of the total amount of money Hello has raised so far. The Wall Street journal confirmed that Prodi and his company have received $10 million 500 thousand from angel investors. To this end, the total financing of Prodi’s company has been as high as $13 million.

Prodi’s investors include technology tycoon, such as network tools before PayPal CEO David · (David Marcus) payment; Marcus Facebook, vice president of partners Dan · Ross (Dan Rose), Google (micro-blog) Android vice president of product management, he is now the vice president of global millet Hugo (Hugo Barra) and · etc..

Prodi said that his "feeling sleep Tracker" inspired by a basic concept: everyone needs sleep, most people want to learn how to better sleep. Prodi said in an interview with BI: most people may not go too much every day, but everyone to sleep every day…… Do you have a lot of energy during the day when you have a good night’s sleep."

Prodi, when he was very young, was eager for invention. "Forbes" magazine has reported that, at the age of 9, Prodi had seen in a bookstore called "your own website," the book, and then he taught himself HTML. By the time he was 12, Prodi had set up his own professional website.

Prodi said he always wanted to go to college, but when he graduated from high school, he changed his mind. He chose to join the PayPal co-founder, the legendary Silicon Valley investor Peter · in 2011 (Peter Thiel); Theil fellowship plan. In this plan, Thiel is paying young entrepreneurs. "

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