How to do Wangzhuan on the downstream business success

remember when just beginning to do Wangzhuan, earn only meager hard-earned money, but also earn a little money from time to time is a very happy thing, I think this is a lot of new friends, just contact Wangzhuan situation. After all, although many do Wangzhuan, but money is not much, many friends for a long time only can be said to have pocket money accounted for, want to make a certain amount of income is difficult.

in the face of such a situation, we are looking forward to change, change the end, inefficient Wangzhuan mode. So how to change? In my personal experience, the first thing to change is our thinking. Thinking determines the way and mode of doing things, only the fundamental change in thinking, in order to truly change the mode of making money, to achieve a new leap.

do Wangzhuan not only do offline, playing a coolie, entry-level business that toil of low level, the concept and connotation of Wangzhuan contains far more than these, even if you started soon, can not become a line, can not become a team organizer, leadership, implementation of projects, so that don’t interfere with what you can find their own model, achieve project profit by careful operation, more than the meager income far off the assembly line.

specifically, I think we should open the way of thinking, looked from the lowest level of higher up, see more spacious farther. In a word, it is necessary for everyone to have found a profitable business related to other businesses, which is the upstream and downstream business". When a business has been done by a lot of people, the competition has become very fierce and difficult to win, then you need to consider is to take this as the center, to find the associated upstream and downstream other business.

There are many

such as the current site of the people, but for the new website, it can successfully achieve the profit is not a short duration of time will be able to quickly reach, it takes time to accumulate. So you don’t have to crush the same choice do stand this way, but rather focus on doing the webmaster service station, you can collect all kinds of website source program, code, plug-ins, templates, explain the profit pattern and so on a series of useful information for station, and then by promoting its own hard and to the webmaster forum to promote, in order to achieve another profitable mode.

, for example, for many traditional project Wangzhuan novice often hard to pay more but less income, but if you are interested in this line of the primary stage is to be experienced, because by this stage you can learn more information and Wangzhuan channels, so as to help you use the experience to carry out new business. When you are already familiar with these, then we can open a blog site, even Wangzhuan forum, make full use of your experience, collect or make some Wangzhuan tutorial, so as to attract more newcomers come to you for introductory tutorials and information, so that we can through these Wangzhuan blog > or

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