WPS promotion can not do

believes that a lot of people are aware of Kingsoft. People who have done so far are still aware that WPS has been a promotion of his project.

actually, when I started doing it, I saw that they had a monthly Championship map on their league page. So I try.

later, I happened to meet a free thing to make the union fee, I have already said here (http://s.admin5.com/article/20080710/93273.shtml  ). Of course, some people say that the project is out of date, because the free time seems to be over. But don’t forget. The network is never stingy, it depends on how we make money.

or go back to my station. Http://s.wps2007-down.com.cn, so who will do it? Well, that free project after the completion of the WPS also changed the rules.

since July 7th, all of the WPS are installed in accordance with the amount of calculation, each installation of 0.2 yuan, so if you vote advertising, then it is certainly not worthwhile, because the price is too low.

if it is natural flow it may also have to do, after all, not the natural flow of money. I said the natural flow is the search engine and the input address directly to the.

if it is a link exchange it can be hard to say, after all, every IP is money ah. And the IP to connect to the exchange is basically invalid ip.

so I still don’t think WPS is doing it right now. Should be transferred to a slightly higher price, at least higher than advertising costs.

different opinions please Paizhuan!

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