Sophomore how easily earn 8000 monthly

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in fact before writing this article, I have been thinking for a long time. Why do I have to write their own money out of the experience, the sound of money to make money in the people’s Congress, I do see a lot of seniors earn 5000 by the network. A month to earn 8000 and not worth bothering about when I see many? People ask me, how do you earn 8000? When many people and I talked about the university life don’t know exactly what to do, what to do in the future when confused, when I heard the bedroom shrill sound fighting game. I think what I should write, write about their own experiences and opinions, Ma said: in today’s market has made no secret of secrets, not your core competitiveness. I just write about their college life experiences and feelings. Hope to have friends to get some inspiration or reference from my experience. Even if it’s a little bit of benefit, I’m satisfied and happy. In other words, even if you don’t have any feelings about what I’m doing, frankly, I don’t feel guilty about wasting a few minutes of your time.

how do I make $8000 next month on the basis of


after the end of the college entrance examination, summer vacation, I rely on the computer system and hardware knowledge, found a local computer company to do after-sales service. Responsible for the maintenance of computer breakdown. Once, my boss told me to introduce a website of very powerful people let me know across the city, is responsible for the company’s advertising design and website design, website of the responsible person is young, look out with the boss very well, and so I speak a clearance off the reel on the website and CMS system knowledge. Although I can not, but I was very interested in the home began to understand and study, three days later because they want to concentrate on research of web technology and resigned.

has just entered a big moment, because the family has just opened a kindergarten, funds more tense. I live in school, life is more frugal. Because of the unfamiliar, all the way from Guangxi, communication is more difficult. As a large population, but also the lack of labor. I always do at school with three good student, was just started learning website design soon. Interest is very strong, and students often go out on the Internet, and two times a week to play all night, my daily expenses in addition to the Internet and eating, they bought a book, a C++ language. This is a web site SEO optimization, in class all day holding the two books on, the students asked me how old this book, I said: I read this book this term is enough, not too greedy, those holding three books from the library is one of the most people only see the first few the page is also. So I went to the library to borrow books. At that time a semester down, my family gave me a total of 1000 yuan, plus $500 of the school’s family financial aid, I spent a semester, from then on, I do not want to go home with money……

sophomore second semesters, I decided to move out of the bedroom, and the two fellow

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