Start-up companies in the sale of shares of Taobao was off the shelf hot new financing approach

(reporter Zhou Xu) any person as long as 120 yuan, you can buy a share of the stock, the shareholders of the company." Recently, a start-up company in Taobao open shop selling their company’s original shares, causing public onlookers. This new way of financing, causing hot friends.

– Taobao online selling equity


recently, the United States and Beijing micro media company (hereinafter referred to as the United States micro) in the original shares of Taobao online sales company caused widespread concern. The company’s Taobao shop name for the United States micro membership card online outlets, its sales of products is the United States micro media certificate registration membership card". Zhu Jiang, head of the company, said the purchase of membership cards from the shop is to buy the company’s original stock. Unit certificate of 1.20 yuan, the minimum subscription of 100 units. That requires only 120 yuan under a single, you can become the original holders of the shares of the United States and slightly more than 100 shares.

the shop home page, the company initiated the creation of the original intention is to establish a television, magazine and network of cross media marketing platform.

two raised a total of 1 million 200 thousand

February 3rd, Zhu Jiang in the micro-blog revealed that as of the day at 12 noon, a total of 1191 members to buy U.S. micro equity subscription for a total of 680 thousand shares, the total amount of RMB 816 thousand, plus after a private network actual subscription amount of 387 thousand and 700, a total of two times to raise 1 million 203 thousand and 700 yuan.

Zhu Jiang introduction, was mainly because the company raised funds there is a problem, I think a lot of ways, is still not resolved, only to think of this method. However, the company will no longer be third times to raise. Zhu Jiang said on its micro-blog, I hope these two fund-raising controversy, as an attempt to SME financing channels, to bring new ideas for domestic entrepreneurs.

– effect whether the violation of controversial

this new way of financing, causing hot friends, some questioned its legitimacy. For public questioning, Zhu Jiang said, the company law firms are making two contract agreement ("agreement" and "hold" investment certificate), all the people will sign an agreement to buy shares and individual shares by the company, the company’s only legal person on behalf of the holders, so as not to shareholders than does not violate the provisions of limited liability company 50, the company currently has 5 shareholders. If the risk caused by the irregularities of the fund-raising, the company is willing to repurchase shares of the stock premium.

"is legally allowed to generation, this is no problem, but should be in accordance with the" Regulations on limited liability company law ", the United States on behalf of the holders of the company through micro means in order to circumvent the provisions, this in itself is not in line with the provisions of the." Beijing Yingke Law Firm Zang Xiaoli believes, is a big risk for investors, the shareholders of the company are registered in the business sector, if used in this way, as the power of shareholders will be deprived of, so investors should consider.

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