Entrepreneurs readme 3 things you need to know about entrepreneurship

recently a well-known technology blog TNW published an article, the share of entrepreneurial startups Exist co-founder Belle Beth Cooper, Exist is committed to a variety of data to help users and their related analysis, and provide in-depth observation, this paper roughly as follows:

I know it is difficult to create a new company. I also know that this process is slow, need a lot of customer development activities, and develop what people need. But there are things I didn’t know at first, such as the following three things:

a lot of work is actually related to the mail

a lot of people ask me what it is like to work at Exist. After some thinking, I found that many of the work started from the mail.

in the whole company I am mainly responsible for the work of customer support, so you need to answer a lot of questions by e-mail users. But I also provide proactive customer service, that is, the initiative to find out what the customers need help, can improve their user experience.

at the same time, I and my partner Josh also has many e-mail communication, although we also use instant messaging software, but I will explain my ideas for products, by mail to Josh and some marketing strategies. At the same time, Josh will reply to many of my customers through e-mail. In addition, we also use the Asana system to manage the task, so it will receive a lot of reminder mail.

In addition, a lot of working relationships are maintained via email,

. Introduce yourself, organize meetings and other team activities. Of course, in order to give publicity to Exist, I also contact a lot of reporters and analysts, etc..

there are many similar work, so to create a startup company with a lot of work email relationship, even my partner Josh technology.

network is more like a game

recently we spent a lot of time in the circle of people, to know the importance of it, but also achieved good results. But I found it just like a game.

first of all, I’m not a big fan of LinkedIn, but I found that if you need to know someone, you still have to use it. The results showed that LinkedIn still has a lot of social networks have some characteristics that different people have different usage, many people will add a lot of people who do not know, so the network large number do not explain what the problem.


, I found another problem, that is a lot of time, I need to contact a person, this person is far away with my relationship, I need to contact him by other people, but these people actually are not interested in our products. So give me a feeling of other people as a stepping stone, I don’t love this feeling. This may be with us

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