Analysis of several common ways to promote Taobao off day to earn one hundred yuan is no longer a cl

Taobao customer development in recent years is the rapid tight ah, from once to Amoy now Taobao, Ali mother the launch of the Taobao promotion way to help sellers, have changed the pattern of the new Wangzhuan, occupy a large share of the market higher, can be described as the status is also rising. From the little known to the owners of the circle, do not know how many achievements had wanted to dream of youth through the network nuggets.

as a standard after 80, forced to work after graduation in an unknown position to earn a very small income. Heart is unwilling. Taobao gives me a chance to rekindle the passion again. Contact Taobao customer for nearly two years, is also a little achievement, I am currently nearly 2 years of poor Amoy network has become Taobao customers to promote the five diamond level, intermediate ups and downs, but has insisted down, down is also slightly overall performance. Nonsense not much to say, this time I talk about what I know about the promotion of several Taobao guest.

one, the most basic and most primitive way to promote mass

group including QQ group group, Wangwang group group, and all kinds of instant messaging tools mass mailing. This method can be achieved through a number of tools, but the personal conversion rate is not high, time-consuming and laborious. Do not stand the foundation can try.

two, forum post

forum posting the same way requires a lot of manpower, can tell you a trick, Baidu or Google to search, such as Taobao’s strongest 10 strong, and similar words are some articles, copy a few modifications, is a very good promotion articles. Can be used as their own promotion to use. Forum with the first batch of the same way, the need for time and effort, constantly posting the top stick, or through some technical means. Specific to what forums do not do the introduction, and we usually nothing can pay more attention to.

three, their own blog to promote

blog promotion I personally recommend, only a short while ago I used Sina blog promotion every day can save about 50 yuan of income, this is what I have in Blog promotion need to be similar to the promotion of the system can be classified, the same need to be patient oh. The blog promotion advantage is to make the readers have a suddenly striking feeling, found himself in the right place, no worries about the spread of nature. The blog promotion can be used free website, or you can create your own independent blog, which requires a certain basis, not go into here.

four, self promotion website

this method is the most common, the effect is also the best, many sites are through the search engine optimization that SEO to improve the site keywords, such as Baidu

Taobao women’s clothing, ranked first in the flow of high income but shocking is terrible. So I would like to through the station to promote, strongly recommended by

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