The highest realm of evil – operators strong advertising

      Dezhou’s ISP Redmoon to start browsing in their own Internet users "forced their advertising spots Redmoon.

      advertising companies are using Redmoon technology provided by NebuAD company, the latter that forced the ads mode is a revenue model has not yet been excavated.

      all of the sites affected by the commercials influence the behavior of the site itself, regardless of whether to display advertising. As long as it is Redmoon this shameless ISP users in each site each page will browse on the forced see commercials, of course, does not belong to the website advertising revenue. It is worth mentioning that these commercials are not pop-up ads, and the ISP is not to provide free Internet service. Users see advertising as if they are from the page itself, so most users don’t realize that they see ads are forced ISP spots.

      as a content creator of this kind of behavior I was shocked, because they forced the spots on my website advertisements I don’t approve of, and I believe that other people will agree with me. From a legal point of view, this behavior will also have copyright infringement and illegal income. Now we can only pray that this shameless act will not spread beyond Dezhou.

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