20W cash monthly advertising

monthly cash purchase advertising

time: 2007-10-09 from

1. horizon fifth (www.the5v.com) is a main sales service to product advertising agencies, to mark the establishment of alliance, registered owners put advertising code was an instant promotion donated 30 yuan in cash, 50 yuan clearing union. Honesty is our principle, open and fair is our criteria, based on a wealth of us to share the webmaster.
2.10 month, and Chinese videoinfo alliance jointly invested 200 thousand in cash, purchase a large number of sites monthly advertising (long term); type />A:

monthly fee: 100 yuan




entertainment, finance, literature, white-collar, dating, video, gaming, cars, pictures can be applied to join the site.

at the same time, the webmaster can be issued by the union platform to promote the code for CPA registered user class advertising sales, each successful guide to register a user, the webmaster can get 0.20 cash.

address: www.the5v.com China videoinfo: www.169v.net

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