Look at the way Taobao customers make money online from the changes in Taobao site

is currently the most popular online, Taobao seems to make money off the network for a turning point, the day before yesterday, inadvertently, in the analysis of Baidu ranking several Taobao guest website (the weight loss drug list) when found many rankings webmaster has not directly promote Taobao customers the. But relying on this Taobao passenger station to attract traffic, and then directly sell their own products.

in order to find out more relevant information, I went back to the Taobao union to check the information on the promotion of slimming products, found a lot of change. The original monthly sales of nearly 10000 single product, now is not the promotion, the original 30 days maximum promotion expenses of nearly 100 thousand yuan, now only about 60 thousand, add up all the big promotion expenses (the original more than 10 or so million single product promotion fee) also did not have much money, so we should not only ask? Is not so much in the stores do not sell it? The answer is certainly not, they are still selling diet pills, but many stores the original promotion goods canceled or promotion, for the promotion of products.

do so many weight-loss drug Taobao guest website, is the SEO class professional station, only a few words about losing weight: weight loss drug list, the best weight loss drug list, ranking good effect of diet pills, taobao.com weight loss drug list, and so on and so on, of course, there are a lot of long tail keywords, not a example. A lot of people do this station just take the template to change the inside of Ali’s mother’s PID number directly uploaded to the site space. Do a little more, will go to find out the goods, to build a promotion group, and then look at all the products are not effective promotion. Some do not care at all, so we can see a number of invalid promotion links on a Taobao class website. These Adsense is purely for Taobao Union free working.


obtained many promotion weight-loss drug sellers, all earned the outside there are so many look cheerful, free in the directional flow to do promotion, these people in mind to steal music. The vision of the webmaster has been transformed, do their own station, SEO attract directional flow, sell their products, make money is their own. In this market, directional flow value is very high, the original time may have 2-3 transaction in 100 IP, with the owners just promotion costs, surely someone will ask, why this network will have so many kinds of weight-loss drug list this website? The answer is very simple, because they are SEO, they put the SEO knowledge to site to do, diet pills can best reflect the value of the SEO, because this product is profiteering, promotion cost estimation is the tallest of the Taobao alliance, and the market demand is very big, so there are many owners out of N this station, of course, a bunch of people in the strongest, has long been left to do rankings of the original, they have to buy traffic, interested friends can go to Baidu search and Google > now

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