A small network of 2000 from the beginning of the story of the Beijing network direct selling

it’s been a long time since I didn’t get to sleep at 2 in the evening and at 7 in the morning, but now I just can’t sleep.

I have to say something to a little editor in my department about the first half of this year.

yesterday I personally went to her house to learn to learn, only half a year time, I almost have a little impression of the primary editor from 2000 month actually started net income of 100 thousand, but also a native of Beijing.

she looks ordinary, short, fat, round baby face wore a pair of small glasses, but to listen to people talking like a block in the Sahara desert sun months sponge, be absorbed in, or hey music.

half a year ago, she was not willing to be for a run, vowed to himself dry out a little something, close your eyes out of ordinary Beijing 80 girls.

I know yesterday, she for breath, out of their own home, rented a basement, pocket only 2000 dollars. In order to make a living, she did two jobs, one in the East and one in the west.

every morning bright days, she will arrive at the east end of the first job, a web design work at 5 in the evening after work, she ran to our company, has done editing work until 10 pm, and then take the night and then rushed to the west city of Victoria in an apartment in the basement.

in order to catch up with work, eat on the road and the bus to solve the basic, no taste, eat not hungry in the mouth on the line". Where do not go on the weekend, that is, a person with a quilt sleep 2 days.

: lonely days past half a chance, she learned to do network marketing can make money, decided to try.

said dry, after careful consideration, she chose to leave, and in the vicinity of the capital of a convenient place to rent a set of 2 bedroom. "After paying the rent, there are 2000 left".

next, she spent half a month, he saved a website.

everything is ready, what to sell? "I know a woman, I know myself," she had long wanted to learn from the Jews, aimed at women, women need to sell slimming health products. After repeated comparison, she chose a weight loss health care products, sales agents.

to something else I must buy for your own use, "she inspection effect with the very soil solution, to spend money to buy their own use, for two weeks, feel the effect, to sign.


products with consumption for a month, before opening on the left pocket of hundreds of pieces of money.

started marketing. In the major web site to do the shop, in a variety of trading posts, in a variety of sites to do blog, online and other customers to answer every question…… And everyone engaged in online sales, like nothing unusual.


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