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renamed China ( June 23rd hearing, has founded the focus of network, handle network, living in the United States and Australia Wu Bo, has roots in the Internet industry for 15 years, regardless of success or failure, as Wu Bo said, "your heart is simple, everything is simple, for the Internet domain name protection strategy, Wu Bo and what measures



Wu Bo

Wu Bo founded the American EnReach Technology Co. Ltd. in 1997, and served as chief executive officer. Wu Bo founded Web DVD in 1998 and was sold to ESST in 2000.

1999 Wu Bo returned to the establishment of an integrated portal focus network, which enables the focus, focus on the English word domain on-line. Wu Bo was committed to "focus" to create a flow of the first three portals, but because Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other competitors’ strength is too strong, Wu Bo will eventually focus for resale to the Sohu, after 4 years, the focus of the real estate network ( advertising sales of more than 200 million yuan.

is the focus of this network of entrepreneurial experience, so that Wu Bo deeply aware of not doing the top five, it is necessary to consider the transformation or sale". 2002, Wu Bo to create richcore video decoder chip company, in 2004 into Sunplus technology. In 2005, Wu Bo founded the "" video sharing sites, to YouTube localization, due to cross "the cost and profit model", Wu Bo once again let go out, by the end of 2007 to the shadow of Shanghai Li chi.


handle net Wu wave

2009, Wu Bo founded the handle network, handle network is the world’s first Groupon (buy) and Foursquare (sign in) combination of buy site. In 2010 March, handle network enabled Larry domain officially launched, less than 2 years, handle network financing 3 times, but in the expansion of business scale and at the same time, the loss rate is also rising, vulgar, we want to do group purchase site of sea fishing, but we have not done. "In August 2012, Wu Bo left the handle network.

last March, Wu Bo start again, set up retail brand "Canada Music" (Macy & Larry), the domain name is registered, Beijing Canada Music Business Limited registered.CN domain name In August of the same year, Wu Bo also launched enterprise WeChat products "the letter", but "beauty" does not intend to contest with WeChat, upon inquiry, "maxim" domain name was registered in August 1998, has built the maxim group website, domain names related to the mainstream has been registered. < >

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