Network entrepreneurship training skills or heavy thinking

open shop has now become the first way, more and more young entrepreneurs, in the network Amoy to entrepreneurship Diyitongjin has become a fashionable choice. Thus, the network related training began to concern. How to choose their own courses, how to consider the effect of training, how to make their own way of entrepreneurship through the training of a broader network of entrepreneurs are concerned about the problem.

Peng Peng began to create a personal website a few years ago, the beginning of this year, he participated in a network of institutional entrepreneurship courses, two days tuition is $6000. "It’s worth it." Ou Peng said that after training, he has a lot of new ideas, has now begun to put into practice.

‘s survey found that network entrepreneurship training has two main directions: one is to shop online training, involving commodity procurement and negotiation skills, opening process and techniques, transaction security and risk aversion, logistics supply, shop promotion; training costs from 200 yuan to 2000 yuan.

another class focuses on the teaching of e-commerce profit model and methods to guide students to establish their own website to achieve profitability. Such courses are relatively high tuition fees, generally a few thousand dollars.

At the same time,

, Taobao, eBay and other sites will be held regularly in the online shop online and offline free training, involving novice, trade, network marketing course, but only to the site of the internal operation process.

network entrepreneurship training for entrepreneurs is helpful, can effectively reduce the tortuous path of Network Entrepreneurship, but also need to choose carefully according to their own circumstances." PKU management consulting firm partner Gao Qiang said that for this kind of training, because at present there are many imperfections, entrepreneurs can not be too dependent on training, training "is just the first step, the key is to put into action immediately after the training, so as to effectively put the knowledge into productivity."

Market Research


in the establishment of the network of entrepreneurship training institutions, both IT training institutions, there are entrepreneurial training and consulting institutions. The training content will be due to the different training methods and different emphases, some rehash of IT technology, some partial in market analysis, marketing strategy.


in the current network entrepreneurship training courses, lecturers or experts engaged in network marketing research, or hire Alibaba and other more mature e-commerce site operators as.


‘s survey found that the quality of network entrepreneurship training uneven in quality. Some training and no formal company, just a personal behavior, through the network after the payment, entrepreneurs can get a tutorial. There are some names under the banner of entrepreneurship training, product recommendation or network brush classification of non legitimate profit.


training will certainly help you learn more about how to shop faster

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