The lottery forecast website up rich web site commonly used today reported secret Trap Prediction of

Some people can give you to predict the lottery number, the accuracy rate of up to 85%~95%, you can not help but want to ask: "forecast so accurate, you buy lottery tickets?"

      the other party will not answer you, but will tell you to pay 300 yuan to become a member, enjoy free service for 3 months.

      and so you really pay the money, the other said each forecast to pay you 60 yuan. Do you pay or not?

      in fact, whether you will not pay again, whether you can eventually win, you pay by people, is a real "in" the 300 yuan prize to you.

      at this time, you may only see light suddenly: ah, this is a hoax! Yes, don’t look at it, holding the banner of China welfare lottery, in fact, want to mislead you think it is credible official website.

  uncovered the fraud site;
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– the event had to pay 300 yuan to pay after the period of


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