A simple small program sell 2000 a day

asked people to write a simple small program, when others have submitted the information sent to the mailbox, the mailbox is 163, the opening of the mobile phone mail, that is to say, when the user submits the information immediately to mobile phone SMS notification.

uses the JMAIL component. The difference is that send three mailboxes.

also has a feature that read the database to generate a large table of A4 paper, you can easily play out without entry to word. The last is generated with the envelope principle, just changed the envelope template.

plus some other settings. This program I sold 1 days of 2000, the next may be able to sell back plus a $0. Just a matter of time.

in addition to this, but also to bring me great business, the day to talk about two single, have received a deposit, the profits of these two sites by 1600.

so we wonder.

just went deep into the study of how customers work and how they work.

you feel this procedure is very simple, absolutely not worth the price. But for customers, the program makes it easy for them to get to the top. Of course, profit is far more than the input of the program, even negligible.

so, you want to make money, is to study on your customers, what kind of things for your customers to give him benefits, even if it is a small change, small things can make you benefit.

As for

what I just said so much, then I have to cash in on it. Ha-ha。 Temporarily confidential, issued only to provide you with ideas. Money, in fact, very simple.

(Note: because the author is Netcom line, temporarily can not access the station network, so the article by friends on behalf of.


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