Recommend a good Wangzhuan idea

do Wangzhuan have juvenile head, large and small Wangzhuan are also tried, now in the project there are many. Like GG Adsence, Ali mother cat, there is advertising alliance. The results, Yiqifa linktech and is now the top three domestic advertising alliance, each also has various characteristics, comparison of results and recommend linktech, timely payment activities more, backstage function is perfect.

CPS recently this Wangzhuan patterns are increasingly popular, the network advertising model may later be more inclined to sell into this form, pattern analysis is not to say, you can go to Ai Rui ( on a lot, I want to talk about the practical things can make money. I tried to make use of shopex to build a shopping mall, which is put the alliance CPS activities of goods, through the promotion of my own mall earn affiliate commissions, feeling shopex station of SEO is not too friendly, search engine optimization effect is not very obvious, the day the order will come from search engines about 20 single, compared to words, or orders forum and Baidu brought more Post Bar posts. It is important that shopex management is very tired, I need to submit each commodity, although there is a bulk upload tool, but the management of a mall, is really very tired, feel the investment of time and effort and output is not proportional.

recently discovered a new online mall to buy nets, a free gift of a shopping mall, I was tired of shopex, buy net front page quite refreshing atmosphere, a bit like Taobao, just try. My purpose is very simple, is to save all the goods and upload mall management I don’t have the operating results, net will automatically update me, I worry about is the possible conversion rate will be low. But after using it is greatly beyond my expectations, the use of the mall to buy to promote the conversion rate compared to my previous shopex shopping platform did not reduce, but improved. Self summary, Wangzhuan not your own look so good, not look good is not good, the key is to experiment, practice.

before the article we are very supportive, thank you very much, we will sum up the answer, here also mention it. I used to buy network mall, feel good to recommend to everyone, mall home does have two custom banner ads, here no matter what advertising can be hung, the background can be operated. The way to answer the 360th question, I do not know why to buy separate results net net mall had a background, I found that you can upgrade the account after use, many CPA advertising can do, the results management background UI do well. Then we are most concerned about the promotion of the problem, I was how to promote my own mall. To introduce five kinds of promotion methods I am using.

a chat tool to promote


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