Deep understanding of the nature and the principle of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

The essence of

network to make money and make money in real life is the same, is a kind of transformation, transformation of their physical or mental. In fact, Wangzhuan is mainly composed of sales, which belongs to the field of business, is a part of electronic commerce. Sales of their products, sales of other people’s products, sales of their services, sales of other people’s services, such as creative sales.

some people will ask, I do not know to make money on the money come from, do little advertising to make money, are deceptive, money can be taken out? The main principle still did not understand wangzhuan.

let’s talk about the real way to make money. I sell things, others buy me, I make money. Fools can understand. I have a lot of products, you help me sell, sell, I get commission, that is, you act as my agent, you help me sell. Also well understood.

now I have a space breeding potatoes would you like for my promotion, OK, you take this batch of potatoes, as long as they are different people see my potatoes, I’ll give you the money, see every time you take a penny, so you try to let more people see. If someone saw it and went over to take a closer look at it, touched, that I give you 10 fen. If someone buys, then I give you a dollar, so you will try to let more people see, let more people to touch the potatoes, find ways to let others buy potatoes. Some people say, others only look, a touch, did not buy, how businesses are willing to give money? In fact, it is easy to understand, people to see, touch, deepened understanding and knowledge of this product, which is the premise of products sold. As you watch TV on so many ads, you never buy it, but you know the product, a lot of people know that this product is famous, or popularity, slowly will have to buy. Of course, there may be no one to buy, businesses will lose. In fact, businesses have done a test, come up with 2000 yuan advertising, lucrative, continue to do, once found no longer profitable, immediately stop advertising. Radio advertising is also the same, the businessman said, after the end of the program you call me three: vitiligo disappear – Shandong, I give you $300 a day. You ask Jackie Chan to advertise for you, you have to give Jackie Chan money, this is simply the truth, business is doing promotion.

now you know where the money came from, it is worth mentioning that now is the information age, highly intelligent, money can be automatically to your account, automatically deducted from the advertiser account. In the past, the industrial age, the era of agriculture, may want to remit money or take cash or check to others. Perhaps a long time ago, a man selling things just yell, and bigger, may print ads looking for people to release. The merchant gave the man money. Businesses see your house at the crossroads, many people want to advertise in your home on the wall: treating psoriasis, please contact 123456. Give you 200 yuan a year. Similarly, the site is the same, your site traffic, you can sell advertising, or someone to buy your

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