Water station experience Wangzhuan four essential stages

is sometimes better than the Wangzhuan industrial work tired, but I still insist, insist to update my site, keep looking for money everyday Wangzhuan, continuous learning. Occasionally, particularly tired, I will think of Ma Yun once said "Ma Yun said:" today is very cruel, very cruel tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful; most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun tomorrow morning." So hold on a little bit slowly, never thought of giving up. Since the site’s traffic has long been maintained, from the original daily IP100 gradually reached 5001000, I believe that I am not far from success.

Wangzhuan is a dream, I believe I can not only solve the problems of life through Wangzhuan, can solve the problem of buying a car. Wangzhuan is a personal business, Wangzhuan successful people will do good industry. Wangzhuan is a accumulation, the reason why I have not succeeded, because I accumulated enough.

in the process of exploration, I gradually found Wangzhuan have experienced 4 stages:

the first stage, which is an apprenticeship stage. At this stage, you won’t get too many benefits, but this stage of your future more Wangzhuan foundation. At this stage you can find a station, in which to work, of course, if you are on the site of knowledge in this area do not understand, I can only go to start inside, for example in the forum, blog to do outside the chain, update the content of the website, this seems to work it is simple, but the effect of the site can not be ignored. Because I worked hard in this company, so my supervisor in the website construction, website optimization to teach a lot, some of the technology to the present role is still continuing.

Second stages of

. This phase can be parallel to the first phase. This stage is out of their own stand, although in the first stage of learning things in this stage to play a great role, but after all, with their own site is just a different website optimization. I’ve been groping for a long time. At this stage, I stop for two months to 1000 months to reach three IP, 4000 IP. To reach the 1000 IP, I can put ads, until after the construction of the four 5000IP/D, so the flow of income has been able to let me have a relatively high income. At least to offset the usual expenses. This is more exciting. Ha-ha。

The third stage of

. In this stage, after the second stage, of course you will not meet a station revenue, therefore, you will make a few more stations, at this stage, I am in a month with a station at the speed of construction of my website, at this stage, I am doing is crazy the light, updated every day has tortured me a headache. Up to now, there are a lot of stations in my hand, I have a few of these stations, I can have a basic income with the white-collar workers have a fight.

fourth >

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