A female guest webmaster Taobao month guest experience sharing

I am a female guest as experienced and steady, the article announced on March 16th I will push the dark road, and I was very very new kind of dish, until now the Amoy life is less than a month, but this time the guest Let me benefit from the Commission, to see the store, 4-500 sold the goods, but also to the front off the goods, and I made a present from her more than and 300 oceans; from the fame look that a guest I write on the super Amoy, Amoy things because at first I wrote two articles, two articles are added, including one of the top; the previous blog is now No one shows any interest in the kind of more than more than 20 thousand people read; ring Wangwang is a day not two, there are a lot of people will find me when I questioned how the guest today, but some stores will let me help them promote.

see the person replies, that I said I fierce, must learn from the predecessors! I see the "sweat" ah, tell the truth, I actually know nothing, don’t take a look mom penetrating, fun hair a post, now receive effect. I can only say good luck. As I have some other goods, the same is No one shows any interest in the. Although only a guest, but I added my luck also summed up some experience, now share to everyone to listen to, wish to give you the inspiration:

The first step in

1, when the guest, under the familiar operation condition of the mom. Do you want to be a guest, you can’t have to ask others what ah. At least you should know how to find the mom of goods, how to post, how to link to your space to. In fact, this is very simple, I failed on the first operation, abandoned at first, after two or three days, and want to play, the whole of the next two or three minutes will be.

2, choose your first love, if I am a buyer will buy goods. I do not buy the goods after all, and some shopkeepers did not participate in Ali’s mother, so I can not help them to promote. So in front of me to promote the goods, pick my favorite, a phase of the. Like the pig pillow, I first saw is very popular, although I did not buy, but look at the price, pictures and goods, that I have tempted. Only 19. 8 yuan, if not afraid of my mother said I, I guarantee to buy. But unfortunately, these goods are not in the same store for dumping. But you can, write an article on the space or forum, maybe someone will see what time, and I think by first written into the goods, than to look up the material copied, more lively than


3, to promote you buy, think good goods. The first guest so I am born. Now I enter the Ali Mama, see so many goods, I do not know where to start, had read an article, said you have to go to find the material, you have to understand the promotion of goods, will be more persuasive, behind there are so many commodities, not as I understand. Sad, I closed the Ali Mama, after suddenly flashes, opening my buy treasure >

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