Jiang Weihang’s internal Entrepreneurship use resources and avoid inertia

ethics cloud Notes version before the release of the 2 day morning, working overtime Jiang Weihang received the boss sent Ding Lei micro-blog private letter. "Ding Lei is diving", Mr Jiang Weihang did not feel a bit strange; he joined the NetEase in a two-year period, "Ding boss" in the middle of the night by micro-blog and SMS to product, is a homely food.

for Jiang Weihang, the role of the role of the boss can not be summed up with the big boss, he is more willing to the establishment of diplomatic relations for many years, "friends" as "a veteran of the".

as a pioneer in the cloud notes and the person in charge, Jiang Weihang engaged in the work can be incorporated into the scope of enterprise internal entrepreneurship. August 1st, Youdao cloud notes launched a new platform version of the second day, Jiang Wei told reporters about the course of the internal entrepreneurial experience.

, as Jiang Weihang said, he did not create any independent business, but in return, he joined the doctoral tutor Ms. Zhou Yuanyuan was founded in Silicon Valley start-up company Pattern Insight. This is a way to use the system and data mining to do large-scale analysis of the code of the company, Jiang Weihang is one of the early engineers, with a certain percentage of options.

2008, Jiang Weihang, along with Pattern Insight, in Silicon Valley has experienced the lowest time in ten years. Even Ms. Zhou and his mentor, Professor Li Kai, American Academy of Engineering in the industry has a wealth of resources, entrepreneurship is still difficult, but fortunately in 2009 when the state has warmed up. Two years, the Engineer Jiang Weihang, need to go out of the code to write a small compartment, the attitude of entrepreneurs, to undertake a series of tedious tasks from sales to customer service.

this experience so that Jiang Weihang will come to the body, the operation of a company is not only the imagination of the exciting". In other experience of the Silicon Valley of Jiang Weihang day after effects of internal entrepreneurship more profound.

select platform: find the convergence of the most intelligent brain place

, in his view, Silicon Valley first means the convergence of the brightest minds. "First class staff (A-Player) is only willing to work together with the first-class staff". As Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said, a good engineer can reach 100 ordinary engineers; Facebook completed a number of acquisitions, often in order to tap the company’s technical genius.

but the top talent is difficult to mining, is also far from overnight can be acquired. "Silicon Valley stress accumulation, need to experience", Jiang Weihang’s "neighbors", are the chief engineer in six or seven companies in "even take charge as chief of the entrepreneurs, there are a lot of about 50 years old, experienced veteran serial entrepreneur".

compared to Silicon Valley, the domestic Internet industry accumulation is short and thin. "Only ten years of development, some more than and 30 people have counted the ‘veterans’. >

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