O2O ordering for new graduates do monthly sales of over one million

as a newly graduated college students, has always wanted to do some of their own career, I would also like a lot, and ultimately chose the food and beverage industry, choose to do takeaway. Because only take away the most down to earth only takeout, I think a lot, but the lack of technology, some in the online ordering system, and ultimately determine the use of Simba delivery system, because this is more in line with my customer service Simba, I put forward some of the requirements they will soon have a good deal, basically a week can be upgraded 2 times this technology, completely in the hands of the Simba takeaway system technology, as long as I according to their own ideas to the Simba system can take out customer service. So I started my plan.

Some ideas about o2o ordering ordering early promotion of

. First of all, the site should have the content, just start talking about the business and can not be divided into. The o2o core is convenient for the user, when your site content service will be the value of existence, then again to talk about the Commission is a natural thing. Here are some of my ideas and steps to promote:

1, the first collection of nearby takeaway cards and then registered in the name of merchants merchants. At least 8 or more.

2, and then print a number of leaflets in densely populated areas, office buildings directly into the office, the university can go directly to the dormitory or downstairs public column posters.

3, the last step is the butt of customers and merchants, he would have to eat, no one ordering, do the first customer. After ordering merchants will receive SMS, then call in the past, and some businesses talk about how to deal with the process of receiving the order.

so I do more than a month, there have been more than and 30 businesses, the beginning is not profitable, to tell the truth I also wanted to give up, hard for a month, there is no profit orders, second months I began to find some more about sales businesses into the problem, no think of business is very readily agreed to, with profits after I started my team, for no hand delivery businesses I chose to send our service, so that I can get the Commission higher, this work is done for half a year, the takeaway project I occupy most of our city area, as long as the model is set up, copy soon. It’s been a year now, and we’re all over the city. I’m not going to expand the scale, we have a local advantage. On this basis, we have a lot of profit mining, after all, sales have been over a million. Thanks to all the technical personnel support system of Simba takeaway


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