O2O project is more suitable for grassroots webmaster do local station

always wanted to write an article to help a grassroots entrepreneurial guidance article, because of the time consistent until now! We are called "grassroots" because of lack of knowledge, experience or funds, has embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, our strength is thin, fragile, cannot withstand a single blow easily in the business on the road ahead, died but, keep on dreaming!


many grassroots webmaster, perhaps to a certain extent, but a lack of funds and operational experience, has always been a person in a minor line! There are many grassroots webmaster, the beginning is in love the Internet industry, and gradually to a project to generate interest, finally set foot on this road, our the grassroots webmaster often only ideas, no way! So the chance of success and the grassroots webmaster is very slim, we all know that the Internet is a low threshold to enter the industry, but also the industry if the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, not enough strength, only entertain


, we do not have enough technology, operational experience and funding, some typing depends on keyboard under the grassroots webmaster, how to choose a relatively easy to the success of the Internet venture??

?My answer is that

" o2o project ", not here what is superfluous v. o2o and other related content


the topic we’re going to talk about is why is it easier to choose a O2O project to succeed?

1, venture capital analysis

many webmaster have a common problem, that is to greatly reduce your start-up costs, hate what things are free for him! So as to develop the abnormal consumption concept, to the so-called price, at the loss of his precious time and energy for! This business is doomed to fail, because of you it may not be possible is the truth! There is no absolute price in this world, this money is more willing to return for the return of

or not?

asked: how much money to invest in O2O project startup, suitable for me like this only a few thousand dollars to start a business?

o2o project start-up capital is divided into three parts: product (website construction and improvement) + human (business information input) + promotion (introduction of traffic)

products, for our grassroots webmaster, he will move to modify the content of the site, buy a set of source code to crack down, do a striking template down is 2000 look like!

manpower, pre market, in addition to familiar with the market, but also on the classification of the market industry, so that businesses settled in, these workload can be invited to the early two salesman, the budget in 3000/ months look like

promotion, when our website platform accumulated to a certain businesses and products, we can make good use of the local QQ group in the promotion, and influential local web resources integration, this cost is negligible! "

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