What is YC doing when we talk about the dark circles

text / Ruan Feng

recently, there is an article on the Internet "dark venture capital circle" caused controversy, in this talk about its views.

the article criticized the domestic venture capital circle of chaos, with the lack of domestic mentors of the venture capital, the venture capital investors from occupation. This leads to a portrait, investment bank loans assessment evaluation of entrepreneurial projects; on the other hand, entrepreneurs pay more attention to the project and packaging concept, while ignoring the internal strength".

to some extent, I agree with the views of the article, I do feel a lot of venture capital in the country, not good at hatching and nurturing projects, but the role of a pure investor. To make matters worse, often after investing money, venture capital on the depth of involvement in the development of the project, leading the direction of the product, forcing entrepreneurs to adopt their point of view, regardless of their actual knowledge of the technology is very little. Most of the time, this approach is counterproductive.

This reminds me of

StackOverflow founder Joel Spolsky, in an example of software "suixianglu" cited the.

in nineteenth Century, in a small village in Russia, there lived a poor jew. One day, he met a horse Cossack.

" " what do you use to feed the chickens? Asked the cossacks.

" use a crumb of bread. " Jewish answer.

" you dare, dare to feed the chicken feed with Russia so low! " the Cossacks said, picked up a stick to beat the jews.

on the second day, the Cossacks came again. " now, what do you use to feed the chickens? " he asked the jews.

" report the adults, I give three dishes on it, are the new mown grass, fine sturgeon roe sauce, and a small bowl of cream, with imported French chocolate truffles for dessert. "

" " idiot! Cossacks said, picked up a stick to hit the Jews, " you dare, dare to waste such good food in poultry in low "


third days, and the Cossacks to ask: what do you use " "


" " the Jews do not feed! Come, " I give it a penny of it on myself to eat what to buy. "

in my opinion, a lot of domestic venture capital as above, the story of the Cossacks, they don’t know how to get things done, just give money, let entrepreneurs think of ways to solve the problem. Really good venture capital, should play a guiding role, to help the entrepreneurial team to do the right project, bigger, do >

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