VC optimistic about the effect of marketing

with the rise of a wave of investment boom in the B2C industry, venture capital injection innovative e-commerce business news almost every month, the amount of capital invested in venture capital is also expanding.

PPG started in October 2005 with the network and call center direct selling shirts, access to venture capital and JAFCO Asia in 2006 TDF (JAFCO Asia) in the first round of funding, in 2007 by the United States KPCB Vc firm’s favor, KPCB joined the second round of financing, financing of the two PPG received nearly $50 million investment. Management of maternal and child supplies e-commerce site red children received from NEA, northern lights and so on risk investment totaling $33 million round of financing.

Inspired by PPG

, currently has nearly 30 Internet Direct Selling Company being created or already available. Shanghai yellow hand also has a thick PPG case study report, he will begin in October this year, online marketing. "Unlike other B2C companies, one of the main sources of funding we have created is vcs." Allegedly optimistic about this business model of venture capital is very much.

because of the business model of the limelight are optimistic, which also led to the network alliance, the effect of marketing business model. The two organic combination of network marketing further development of the market has been effectively guaranteed. Before the joint investment by the two top international risk investment institutions according to the effect of charging online marketing network only alliance. The website WAM AFFILIATE MARKETING system of independent research and development, announced at the same time the only alliance website officially launched. It is understood that the amount of joint venture capital investment of up to $10 million.

The only

alliance CEO Wang Yang said that the only alliance can demand and charging effect at the same time for various marketing effect of the settlement, the alliance cooperation with CPC (Cost per click, pay per click (Cost), CPL per lead, according to the guide, CPS to pay) (Cost per sale, according to the sales order successfully paid).

The only

alliance also developed domestic innovation telephone marketing services, namely CPP (Cost per phone), CPP is the network alliance and the alliance will combine telephone, telephone inquiry into effective order, make the form of advertising is more diverse, more accurate.

In addition to

, the only alliance more thoroughly protect their vital interests owners and advertisers, were launched for the marketing effect of the seven measures to protect, such as membership owners can flexible choice of advertisers, advertising alliance only according to industry classification or classification (registration, sales, etc. are the main advertising click) advertising division. A member of the webmaster can choose their own advertisers from a large number of advertisers, can also choose their own website advertising from a large number of ads, choose more flexible.

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