Advance card, smart TV N billion market business opportunities

September, domestic smart TV market booming, after Lenovo, LETV, September 2nd, Konka launched online TV brand KKTV in September 3rd, TCL announced that Iqiyi and Baidu’s cooperation, launched smart TV products, and the mystery of millet TV may also open off this month.

with the popularity of smart devices, video on demand, educational applications, as well as somatosensory games and other diverse features allow users to experience more rich, the living room to return to the center of home entertainment. According to expert estimates, the application of light smart TV on the scale of the birth of billions of dollars, which also activated the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of Internet entrepreneurs, investors touted.

, such as the former, 3W innovative media alliance wisdom League, the smart TV industry to invite well-known investors, developers to explore the entertainment room to occupy the living room topic, a glimpse of the smart TV business opportunities.

Au Zhang Ke: smart TV market, entrepreneurs should be leveraging third party platform development

at present, the domestic smart TV market with the rapid momentum of rapid development, has become a hotly contested spot business. Total smart TV has reached 45 million units (including LUNIX, ANDROID, WINDOWS TV), ANDROID is the mainstream market, more than 20 million domestic users. In the first half of 2013, the penetration rate reached 50%, the activation rate of more than 77%, the monthly average activity of more than 50%. In the list of users to download applications, video, games, downloads of education in the top three, the average activation rate of video applications was 74%.

Research Report of

Au shows that at present, the smart TV profit model mainly film membership fees, advertising fees, charges, the app store to download the application fee mode, TV manufacturers pay application mode. At the same time, smart TV technology and new design also contains entrepreneurial opportunities, such as: handheld game chips, remote control, new TV input technology, camera, etc..

different terminal usage habits of different users, developers need to end user habits, adjust the direction of development: the characteristics of smart TV is used for some time, two hours online per capita 1-2, suitable for long and large video advertising, somatosensory games, online education, is not suitable for applications such as video conferencing, web browsing, communication products.

developers choose smart TV application development, you can help with the third party platform, such as the wisdom of the integration of resources, investment, guidance and other aspects of support. Zhang, the Au said that the Au terminal has a huge base, more than 60% market share; to provide professional marketing resources, business counseling and investment for developers, the VC mechanism of cooperation with the Au over 36; the Au also provides sustainable incentives for developers, to help developers access to exclusive resources, rapid growth. Many of the activities in the Au direct docking developers, for developers, the annual festival, the salon area to support the plan.


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