Left hand white haired boy wrote in the 2012 annual meeting of the nner Mongolia

        9100 mobile phone that I used to pick a shot, night sight Xinshou browsing, but can’t move.

cattle B SLR, but also can not make such a shock.

left hand, right hand boy.


: a left half in the dust. Left three: intimate sister

agony I have ever seen is the oldest personal webmaster, although older, but there is a strong learning mentality, cherish every webmaster and exchange of learning opportunities, actively participate in every activity.

six years ago to see the agony aunt, or black and white mottled, twinkling, has more than sixty, silver haired.

to start at the same time running Taobao shop has been known as a achieve success and win recognition, intimate sister is still personal webmaster this ridge, which is a lot of Inner Mongolia Internet webmaster for persistent hard portrayal, and years of dedication for the ideal, I have respect for.

right, from the dark TUZUOQI in dust, a mixed open blog, forum, network security for interested students, a sixteen year old boy, such as age of consciousness.

he’s just a teenager.

blood people, if you do not reform, usually die quickly. I usually have this bad taste.

this is the 2012 annual meeting of the annual meeting of the Internet in Inner Mongolia, the moment, but it is an eternal moment.


annual meeting, speaker zangma (Yi Qi mall Crouching Tiger stupid tiger, mathematical China Ma Zhuang is the representative) to succeed in business, they share a lot of dry cargo with all of you, time for the webmaster achievement historic opportunity, they are lucky miracle hero, although this miracle of the protagonist is not a lot, but by a miracle limited several webmaster, this kind of profound happiness and optimism, inspired generations of young people have dreams one after another, although in the Internet, this road today, to dream of hope more and more slim. However, in addition to the remote road, there are still way for social resources in poor grassroots


however, I said, however, compared with a few lucky audience from those hungry eyes undoubtedly presented numerous side personal webmaster is still in the embarrassing situation.

presided over the scene asked raised their hands to attend the first session of the general assembly in 2006 of webmaster, a response, without it, the website is not profitable, the webmaster since scattered seoul. After a lapse of 6 years, part of the site is profitable, transition, this point compared to that of the Ten thousand horses stand mute. a lot stronger.

half an hour before the meeting, there is a brother to find my brother complained, read the conference manual, a total of 3 hours, he felt the meeting >

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