Five merit your workshop site to earn pours

website development needs funds, only profit in order to promote the development site, of course, there are some webmaster fans, it is another matter! Today we are aiming at the rise of the plant site, analysis of the profit model. The starting point is different: the profit of the factory site is different from the ordinary information website, can not rely solely on the flow, rely on the alliance income to profit. After all, due to the particularity of the plant site, the target customer groups are more professional, single, the flow rate of each city site is not high.

for the site of the plant, its profit is not the following several methods, but before the operation, you have to ensure that your site has rankings, flow, otherwise it is empty talk.


1: information audit fees: most of the current profit model of the plant site for this type.

as long as your plant site in the city to get a good ranking and weight, the release of information will increase

has the advantages of convenient charging, no worries, do not worry about taking such methods leads to update fast, after all, is your own website, you can control the background by the day, pick one or two do you like free, as long as the guarantee of a point that can be updated every day.

disadvantages: emerging such as 58 city, Ganji and other sites classified information, information audit is relatively difficult to do, after all the other free web site too much, the customer can choose classified site free release


2: information view charges: the operation is difficult, there are sequelae

all information free of charge, free audit, but contact confidential, only paid members can view

advantages: the amount of information on the site to ensure that the original ranking.

disadvantages: as the information release the identity of staff is difficult to audit, many customers in the pay per view information, found mostly mediated release, or the release of information has already expired (rental or sale), therefore, may be on the website of the credibility of doubt. Late fees, not long.


two method is more common, and want to make money for lazy plant webmaster, but profitability in general, belongs to the passive type


entry level

3, membership fee

live off the success of the show free and charges can coexist, but the site rankings, high visibility requirements!


advantages: the release of a number of different members of the group to control the amount of information, such as ordinary members can be released every day, you can ensure that the daily update,

for the intermediary, one is not enough, so the number of information on the basis of the number of different members of the group to collect fees to attract small and medium sized clients.


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