What should start from the project owners

In the past China

internet almost ten years, ten years later, Chinese had a large number of successful Internet companies, many Internet grassroots entrepreneurial story interpretation and touted the success of the Internet and media case, gave countless dreams, thus a large number of people into the Internet industry China. As the Internet is a big gold, as long as have a good idea to copy the Yahoo, the success of sites such as Facebook, because these sites are founded by ordinary students, but no accumulation in the capital accumulation as well as the conditions of success.

so many people into the webmaster industry, few people set up their own website, dreaming of becoming the next miracle, so there are a lot of people holding a good idea to find investment, the investment will be able to do it, it will be able to make money." Do not comment on whether this logic is correct, but at least can prove that these owners are still lack of some pragmatic attitude. Contact the Internet people should know that the Internet is never a lack of creativity, many webmaster keen on an idea to open up a market, but it is very difficult, even if able to rely on an idea to accumulate a large number of users, but not necessarily the user can bring you income, especially for personal webmaster may, many are lack of original capital accumulation, in this case, even the so-called creative very market prospects, but probably due to some financial or other aspects to stick to it.

think I do on the Internet for several years, a few years did a lot of projects, there are countless ideas, even now many successful projects I have previously thought, but the failure of the previous ideas have no value or value, but can not bring real income here, a few before I think of ideas and projects.

1.azexa, see the word, perhaps many webmaster can associate alexa. Yes, azexa.com is a long time before I registered a domain name, then Alexa statistics in Chinese is not very popular, know Alexa webmaster is not a lot, I registered the domain name, the goal is to create a China notification website webmaster was founded, the feeling is in the Alexa l to the number 1 in azexa, like Z 2, so I think this is very reliable, but then after further research and communication is many webmaster found online, this idea is not realistic, first of all have a certain threshold, the technology may be small, but still have difficulty, this is not the most important, do traffic statistics the most important is the need for statistical knowledge and a large number of samples, only our plugin developed by a large number of computer installation, have authority to be successful, and this requires a lot of Cost, so eventually abandoned the project, then the domain name also gave up.

2 good understanding: haorenshi.com, this is a domain name registered in the year 06, when the campus network is hot, but at that time >

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