Forbes’s youngest millionaire Chen ou How did climb out of a pit

review: 2009, when Chen Ou graduated from Standford home, Liu Qiang East just negotiated a $twenty million financing; the same year, Ma and eighteen Arhats together handed his resignation letter, said to let all the past return to zero; then Li Jinggang Sequoia Capital, Shen Napeng vowed to make Li Jing Chinese Martha Stuart.

five minutes later, Chen ou will be on stage to speak. This is his first public appearance after the success of the listing. He sat alone in the background, looking at the hands of minipad closely written lecture notes. "Can I play with pad?" he suddenly raised his head.


In the next

in the Forbes "gathered" speech, he actually did not see the hand hold pad, when he began his speech with an extremely fast rate by talking about his series of Parables "four questions", he demonstrated a very different state. "

the last successful listing of the United States together, what will people say? Chen Ou he, Chen Ou is certainly rich two generations; and he certainly financial fraud; no, he certainly resume fraud; well he is sure gay! This is the reality of this society. So I am not gay, say ah, I am absolutely straight, yeah! "The venue set the whole room roaring with laughter.

, one of the listeners, whispered, "is he telling the truth?"

a dark drama of the lecture hall, only a bunch of strong light in Chen ou. He seemed slightly exaggerated forward position, he knows how to narrow the distance with the audience, but also know how to ask questions from time to time, so that the venue has been active in the excitement and atmosphere. But even so, he looked as if he were alone now.

may be the most unforgettable place that Chen Ou is here, even if he successfully listed the company’s valuation to $3 billion 500 million, he has been unable to get rid of people he questioned.

, who think I am particularly well, after graduating from Standford, immediately venture, quickly get the investment, and then four years later, quickly listed, and my share of the share of the proportion of higher than everyone expected. But who do not know, how I climbed out from one pit, my life is like a ball, when life gives me great pressure, I bounce higher than anyone else."

over the past five years, the Chinese market can almost be seen as the electricity supplier industry Hollywood. In this industry, Losers are always in the wrong. as changeable as clouds and rain beyond all imagination: 2009 when Chen Ou graduated from Standford’s return, Liu Qiangdong has just negotiated a $twenty million financing, the same year, Ma and the founding team of eighteen Arhats, together with the resignation letter, said to let all the past zero; Li Jinggang received Sequoia investment, said Shen Napeng vowed to make Li Jing Martha Stuart Chinese.

in the electricity supplier in this area, the pursuit of capital and the wind market

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