Eat free restaurant, is how to make millions

seen eating free restaurant? Eat not money but have seen lucrative restaurant? The little girl has done such a strange business, and earn millions of dollars is.


ad dinner free single small restaurant provided the popularity of


2007, as many entrepreneurs, the Zhengzhou girl Han Yue suffered his life’s first venture failed, and students to work together to open a pasta based hotel due to funding problems facing closure. The next thing to do? Han Yue first thought of advertising to the hotel. Later, she was asked by the students found that they can not even afford advertising. She began to complain about the high cost of advertising. The students gave a deep sigh and said: "there is no free lunch! If your restaurant is free, no ads will be crowded." Han Yue smiled, suddenly, a bold idea was inspired by the words of students. The restaurant is free, crowds, this is not a good publicity? Your own restaurant if combined with advertising, is not a very good model?

back to the hotel, sitting in the room for an afternoon, a draft quickly formed. She gave the hotel set two doors, one is the normal meal charge door, a door is free of underground fire channel. The normal charge and before meals in the restaurant is not what two things, eat how much money. But the door is free to do a tortuous aisle, on both sides of the walls are covered with advertising. She thought: free meals can significantly enhance the popularity, there is a popularity can attract businesses to advertise, earn advertising fees, but also to promote the operating income of the restaurant charges.

The idea of

makes her very excited, once a certain form of thinking, it is easy to quickly put into action. After the Han Yue got wildly beating gongs and drums for half a month, and finally in a day in September, hit the "shop eat free" sign.


, she had an account balance, if in accordance with the limited free meals provided, the cost of a is an angle of about five yuan a day, from her "nine advertising corridor" after the people if there are two hundred, so most every day spend three hundred or four hundred yuan. Moreover, she also asked, each dining guests, must be in the checkout time to recite the three ad to avoid a single, so that the advertising effect, self-evident.

Prior to this,

Korea free to pull a lot of advertising on their own advertising. Because her restaurant location is pretty good, there are several office buildings nearby. Soon, she had no money to eat there on the news spread over the buildings and several shopping malls. Have come here to see a fresh, taste, also at lunch to do not want money, Han Yue Hotel, all of a sudden hot up, some of the guests is not on the line, do not want to change places, simply direct money to eat.

tables and chairs are loaded into a carrier advertising restaurant initial results

face every day

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