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Du Muyu

China’s logistics industry has an old saying, "China’s social logistics costs accounted for more than two times the proportion of GDP in developed countries". According to the national development and Reform Commission, the Bureau of statistics, the proportion of 21.3% from 2004 to 16.6% in 2014, 10 years has shown a downward trend, but still higher than the global average number of percentage points.

experts after throwing these remarks, often the next sentence is that there are a large number of transport industry in China, such as empty, circuitous and other issues, resulting in a waste of resources, which are caused by asymmetric information.

in 2014 China’s total social logistics costs 10 trillion and 600 billion yuan, of which transportation costs 5 trillion and 600 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of the total social logistics costs of $52.9%. So great and urgent to improve the market, attracting countless entrepreneurs Jingsheyao, put on the Internet by leveraging traditional industries of the coat, at least got the favor of capital. 2014 to date, there have been hundreds of logistics freight O2O companies, many of which have access to hundreds of millions, tens of millions of dollars of investors.

although the logistics of freight is closely related to people’s livelihood and the economy, but those on the road roaring truck, day and night drivers seem to be far from the people living in the city. What is the point of pain in this industry? How do you want to improve the status quo, and how to do it? O2O tiger sniffing for you to do the following.

car goods do not match, the air transport rate is high

During this year,

NPC and CPPCC, CPPCC member Xu Guanju said, China 30 million truck drivers, 95% of all individual drivers, bear the freight volume of more than 75% of the country, many of them in the family or friends, fellow circle way to make a living away from home and more than and 70 tens of thousands of logistics enterprises, are limited to face-to-face acquaintances trading patterns, which intensified the goods for the car, the car to find the contradiction between the arrival of the. This led to the national truck no-load rate of about 40%, there is a huge waste of resources.

Compared to

, the driver found the right goods in return is the most difficult. In order to avoid empty in return, the owner will find an intermediary to the yard (cattle) to obtain the owner information, intermediary nature will charge a fee. Oil costs, tolls, fines and other costs have been caused by a meager profit margins, but the owners still hesitate to add costs, only for goods, which is indeed a huge demand. Those LBS based freight O2O platform is so came into being.

freight O2O platform model

first simple science, what is the freight, freight and courier is different, the former transport of goods volume, weight, speed is slightly slower than the courier, the total price is also higher. Intuitively speaking, sometimes we passed the combination of urban and rural areas to see a row of XX logistics company, and then write a roadside Suzhou Street similar to the Beijing – Shanxi line "truck, they are typical of the freight logistics. In general, according to the city, intercity and vehicle, LTL (multiple owner >

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