2016 to find their true self

The twenty-second line

League big coffee share, March book "invited preferred giver" translation of the author Zhang Dazhi, share the essence of the book, the theme of "2016 business, truly find yourself". The teacher is the Entrepreneur Alliance mutual ambition "entrepreneurial class" founder, eight years of sales, three years of enterprise human resources management consulting

, five years!

Zhang Dazhi:

thank you very much for Mowgli brother gave me this opportunity to share a "giver" the main contents about my latest translation in the league, I will share some of my reading experience, including some practical examples.


first talk about two small stories about the

is my first writing from 2006 to now has more than fifteen million words, published five books, written before I asked a senior editor, I said I want to write something, you look okay? The editor glanced at me sighed and said "Oh, you know, writing is the need of talent this is a professional live." It was 2005, at first I think what he said is quite reasonable, then think think is wrong, so I began to write, soon get paid. Now when people chat with me said: "Oh, you are really talented ambition." In fact, I would like to say that there is no talent, what kind of professional, as long as you have enough efforts to always have a chance.

second a little story is when I translate the "giver", I was looking for a friend of the English editor, and editor I said I want to translate this book, see if you can help, English editor said: "Oh, you know this is a professional translation work need talent." It was the end of 2014. Then he said that the translation is a professional, I think in 2005, some people told me that writing is a professional thing, so I was determined to be sure to turn the book themselves. With a year of hard work, that is, we have seen the translation of the "giver".

next to the point, I would like to ask you a few questions:

what will happen to everyone after the general course?

what happens after the business is over?

others have reached out to help us, what will happen to us?

I would like to say that in fact, after all, after the end of the course are scattered, and not how to contact, after the business is the same, that is, you have you, I have my. I believe that everyone has a number of WeChat do not know who is a friend, there are contacts, which is called the address book in the someone (that is to say someone). He has nothing to do with you. Why is this so? How to find their business on the road is elegant, today we want to solve the content sharing.

a wonderful story of entrepreneurship

last year, I was on the entrepreneurial street to help entrepreneurs with business

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