The significance of Fan Bingbing’s accession to the throne to nternet entrepreneurs

successful people may have different ways, but the key to their success will always be the same. For example, otaku goddess Fan Bingbing, her 14 years of growth on the road as an entrepreneurial struggle history.

Fan Bingbing more than the Crown Princess do not have to cross promotion, more down to earth, although also depends on temperament.

The growth path of


18 years ago, what if you do not go to Hangzhou to find Ma Yun (micro-blog), go to Shenzhen to find Ma Huateng (micro-blog), go to Beijing to find Robin Li, and they drink tea, chat, brag, make friends, to join their company, no matter what they do, how much money, you are hell-bent. Today you have at least billions, Benz and BMW, riches, honour and splendor.

Unfortunately, the world is not

the "Princess" is undoubtedly a star DreamWorks, the birth of Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei, Alec Su and other superstar. But as Alibaba, Baidu, was not born golden, born in CBD. They are born in a may in the west lake small house, low rate and possible number in a hotel occupancy with 4.

the "Princess" with Auntie Qiong Yao plays like today with a shared economy concept of entrepreneurial team business plan, just took an angel round, A wheel has not landed. That is bright, the road is curved, startling step by step.


"Princess" in 1996, Fan Bingbing also did not graduate, Leanne Liu guest starred in the TV series "woman", as Bing Shao’s fiancee in the TV drama. Fan Bingbing was studying in Shanghai at the time. During a three day play, Bing Bing met Joan girl, Leanne Liu. Leanne Liu Fan Bingbing felt particularly like beauty, long and dense hair, smooth and fair, quite ancient Jian

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