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Abstract: a wave of science and technology circle bigwigs as advisers: "Silicon Valley" has been broadcast in the third season, this is the first in-depth analysis and reflection, overweeningly ambitious California science and technology culture series. The play from time to time to pierce the reality to see the truth, but the success of the prediction of some of the major events in the technology sector.


titanium media note: This article compiled by the titanium media from New York guest article, the author Andrew Marantz, Joyce/ compiler.

HBO sitcom "" (Silicon Valley) this year has been broadcast to the third quarter, since the broadcast rarely captured a group of apes and even the process of science and technology circles heart. A group of seemingly just program siege lion, reflected in the extent of Silicon Valley real business ecosystem? This article tells you that the play is sometimes more real than reality, because of entrepreneurs, not only has always been the most crazy, crazy.

has the Twitter CEO before the actor dream drama "Silicon Valley" consultant

In 80s,

century Dick · grams (Dick Costolo); storo became a student of University of Michigan. Although he majored in computer science, he also found himself a bit of a genius in performing improvisational comedy. After graduation, he moved to Chicago and performed at the local theatre. The results, not grams storo like other students to join the theatre brokerage company, comedy career ended.

dream can not eat, G storo decided to restore the old business and career in the technology field and founded several start-ups (one for $one hundred million acquisition by Google). At 2010, Twitter Luo CEO, the first year with ten million wages. At a charity event, G storo met then classmate Steve · Caryl (Steve Carell, the famous American comedian, who participated in the movie "the big short"). Caryl also joked, but you’re not as a actor.

June 2015, Twitter stock price stagnation, the major technology media reported that the board of directors to press the CEO kicked out, Kors Toro insisted that he was resigned to leave the company in charge of five years. Three days later, HBO broadcast the "Silicon Valley" in the second quarter of the last episode, the story has either different approaches but equally satisfactory results as a tech company "Piper" (Pied Piper) and CEO Richard founder Hendricks was expelled from the board of directors.

Kors Toro is the "Silicon Valley" fans, he said, "I can tell that case everyone empathy founder was forced to leave, the new CEO will take over, and sit on the sidelines of the general staff."



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