Jiangmen college students entrepreneurial marketing challenge is about to open

entrepreneurship competition in the community to create a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, many entrepreneurs in the process of participating in the game harvest multi-channel entrepreneurial resources. Jiangmen city recently launched a college student entrepreneurship marketing competition activities to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

to create a Jiangmen city public entrepreneurship, innovation atmosphere, promote the "double" demonstration city construction, improve students entrepreneurial ability, by the Jiangmen Career Technical College and other units organized by the "bodyguard" cup entrepreneurship contest marketing activities yesterday officially launched; the society (including secondary vocational school graduate or above personnel) well, students can enroll in the competition team.

the game is more inclined to public entrepreneurship competition, creating exchange of entrepreneurial experience for the majority of young people with entrepreneurial skills, improve. Under the encouragement of the competition, excellent entrepreneurial projects will have more opportunities to display and investment, or to achieve the two venture.

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