Jiangsu how to ensure that there is no large-scale layoffs

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gradually aging society, the proportion of the elderly population gradually increased, many people are faced with the problem of laid-off workers, but the massive layoffs will directly lead to the problems of a part of people’s life. In the process of production capacity, to ensure that there is no large-scale layoffs, is a clear requirement of the central and provincial government. Currently, I need to be able to promote the orderly production capacity, in the process of how to protect the workers’ rice bowl, social concern. So, how to ensure that Jiangsu does not appear larger scale "off the tide"?

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Qian Chunxia, Shanghai Railway Bureau train sales staff; Sun Jiaxing, Xuzhou Huamei ThermoElectron Corporation technician; Xuzhou, a training institution administrator…… A year ago, they had a common name: miners.

9 month 20 days, with Xuzhou Qishan Coal Mine 93118 working face of stop mining and mining group included 6 of the province’s coal mine production capacity to the scope of all stop production on schedule to complete the exit capacity of 7 million 900 thousand tons of goals. Affected by this, Xu mining group and Huarun day to more than twenty thousand miners in Xuzhou coal company faces new choice of life.

month 27, the original Qishan Coal Mine electrician Song Shaohong in Jiangsu Huaihai new energy vehicle company after the interview, physical examination and training, he will embark on a new job. Two days earlier, Song Shaohong and thousands of miners to host the "Provincial Department of human resources and social welfare workers split the province linkage Xuzhou Mining Group special recruitment, fortunately with the intention to reach the employment unit. To participate in the recruitment of Jiangsu Huaihai new energy vehicle manufacturing company minister Xing Yinhua told reporters: we have a breath of nearly 50 miners, the main value of their work, can bear hardships."

recruitment will become a new background to the production capacity. The province’s 13 districts and cities linkage, 203 units sent to the miners for the post, and online and offline linkage, only half a day on the initial intention to achieve employment of 1135 passengers in the past 18466. "The days will be better!" Find a new job of the original Liu coal mine repairman Li Jian full of confidence. After this year’s laid-off workers, he did odd jobs, not only did not earn a few money, but also no insurance, he has been dissatisfied. In a new position on the loader, he can get a monthly salary of 3500 yuan, although the ratio in the mine less than 500 yuan, but the unit pay five insurance, let his heart with the end.

at present, Provincial Department of human resources and social has been specially set up in front of Xuzhou Mining Group Mining employment service station, from the provinces of the backbone of the business, 6 of the mine xukuang docking, continue to carry out follow-up work of employment services. Zhang Liang, deputy director of the provincial labor and employment management center, said: "we will rely on public employment training at all levels

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