The true portrayal of Chinese entrepreneurs’ sex life

Founder/VC column twenty-sixth, the author of this article: the two just got a new round of financing, and requires anonymous serial entrepreneurs.

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Prime Minister Li Keqiang said "national entrepreneurship, innovation, and Entrepreneurship of the country have introduced favorable policies, there are a lot of gambling mentality of the angels and the waves, a bunch of young people have to start playing chicken in general; a pile of original practical work in the company who have also told the boss to resign and entrepreneurship; there are 2 unexpected consequences:

talent market deterioration: venture companies are more difficult to recruit a reliable person;

market competition is brutal: any one looks like air field there are a bunch of people in the fight;

then came up with the fact that many of the founders were too shy to tell the truth: entrepreneurs don’t have the time to have sex, 1.

but entrepreneurs are people, people are going to have sex, and for Chinese entrepreneurs, the problem is generally not so good. Of course, I’ve also heard of a lot of "atypical" entrepreneurs who have a private life. I believe this is a minority. All of the following, from friends and their actual situation:

frequency is low: first of all entrepreneurs are too busy, the time of sex is not

frequent business trips, and the object to get along with less time, but in order to cause, no way;

overtime too much, the original home every day to eat with the object, and now not to disturb the already asleep, she went to another room to sleep;

wife prepared a candlelight dinner, bought fifty degrees in the same section of the fun underwear and props, hope to spend a romantic time, the result is I and investors in a telephone communication destroyed;

a friend has a daughter, daughter in the morning to go to school and he said: Dad, the day after tomorrow because he every other day and part of the team to work late to sleep in the company;

low quality: entrepreneurs too tired, sexual ability decreased by

My friend

includes a lot of business with the development of the company, the pressure is more and more big, smoke more and more natural, there is an effect on sexual ability, but at the time, attend to these, in order to refresh and stop smoking decompression;

every day sitting in front of the computer, lack of exercise, even if you realize this, buy equipment, to do a fitness card, still unable to adhere to, still enjoy every day to work overtime at 8 points, rather than go to the gym;

if there is a demand for the other side, not the initiative to make love, easy to get distracted by work, such as always a idea winding, leading to easy impotence, that is not to mention;


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