The little boy bumped into the Yue Yue Yue Yue to call his mother

recently, not only Yue Yunpeng’s fried micro-blog, and even the small circle of friends have been monopolized by this photo, do not look at the photos do not know the original two people think so, there is no blood relationship? The boy hit the face of Yue Yue, let the small Yue Yue I also very surprised to see her mother!

3 14, Yue Yunpeng drying out a photo of his face with a boy, and attached the text: "who has a picture of the child’s mother? I would like to see it。 My micro-blog is fried." Xiao Yue Yue out of the little boy and Yue Yunpeng similarity burst table, immediately sparked heated debate. Subsequently, Chen Zhixi also made micro-blog quipped: my brother ah! What did you do when you were young?"



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