Peking University Master to do the decoration workers earning millions caused a great disturbance

who does not require a high degree of education must be white-collar workers, sitting in the office, as long as they can achieve their dreams, nothing is wrong. Expertly scraping the wall putty, sanding, in addition, wears a pair of thick glasses, wearing uniforms and ordinary decoration workers Sun Junfeng looks identical. However, not many people know that he is actually a master’s degree in sociology from Peking University. After graduation, Sun Junfeng chose to do the decoration workers, as the Peking University butcher, like this, in the circle around him caused a great uproar.

"grew up listening to the home, but this time a bit rebellious, because his character is not adapt to the system, to enter the society and look, but do not know what to do, the decoration is based on two aspects, one is someone willing to take my hand, two feel free artist, then a little idealistic. Want to join after the opening of the integrity of the home decoration company! "In spite of this, only the idea of Sun Junfeng still have to start from the work force. Of course, do not agree with the family, to the end of the dispute, the father of the sun left only one sentence: you own the shots, I do not care you!

"after a few years I will bring their own people," home can not beat the wind rain. Outdoor decoration will not work, in the winter, we have to work on the site, the hands are frozen all cracked." Facing the camera, Sun Junfeng showed reporters the scars on my hands and calluses, now with his skilled workers to mix cement, drilling, putty, just like a professional skill. Only from thick glasses, you can see the feelings of his students.

now Sun Junfeng decoration team and cooperation, can take more than and 20 monthly turnover of more than one million, a site, but occasionally, he also need to face the others don’t understand. Peking University master out of the dry decoration workers, more than promising, the family money is white." In this regard, Sun Junfeng

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