By nternet plus, see the catering industry in the future

Internet plus is not omnipotent, as a channel, only for countless entrepreneurs to provide brand reputation and user growth entrance, they really need to do, is to use the mobile Internet transformation of its industrial chain and reconstruct the relationship with consumers, improve enterprise efficiency in the real sense, the formation of consumption upgrade and build perfect user experience. Especially for service products, food and beverage industry, not only has the Internet thinking can penetrate, so the rapid development of the Internet industry, catering industry in the future how to realize the transformation from downturn to high-speed



‘s leading business model from product to service

although a lot of food and beverage brands both large, beautiful blueprint or small and medium-sized enterprises have joined the mobile Internet layout, for fear of a step behind the market will be eliminated, but the homogenization of products no contest, in the face of numerous catering catering to the Red Sea, not because of lack of competitiveness and declining, is a large platform no face use of force and be integrated, most enterprises are not in the era of Internet plus tasted the sweetness but gray ended.

whether it is Jiangxi or Chongqing crock soup, spicy, braised chicken Steamed Rice, it seems as long as a do catering, can be hung with special diet signs, as long as what restaurant fire up immediately and can replace other signs. Then the business is competing in the fight price, fight volume, fight capital, only a few of the final victory from the price war to survive in the enterprise.

cable science and technology chief Wang believes that the nature of the serious follow the trend is that: in the context of the catalytic products derived from the competition, self righteous burst, ignoring the real needs of customers. In particular, it looks like a simple and strong shape of the food and beverage industry, and in fact, the leader of any product demand is the real customer, that is, consumers.

, for example, in the surrounding white-collar work of commercial buildings, such as braised chicken Steamed Rice and other popular Pro gaze, if at this time the company catering business stores open around the school, and Huang Taiji, the new West, trying to seize the market results as can be imagined. Now the new generation, such as 95, after the 00, their thoughts are more current, open and free, they are Huang Taiji’s target customers. Therefore, the explosion is only for the purpose of user positioning, businesses really care should be the observation and understanding of the target user, in order to do a good job from the product to the service.


products and services in order to establish a fan of gene

popular in the rapid spread of the mobile Internet, for traffic, user portal today, the spread of the brand is the reputation. A product has a good reputation, in addition to the product hard quality, user-friendly products also obviously more heart, can move more users, retain users, finally set up a fan gene of loyal fans.

for example, a lot of entrepreneurs in the early stages of entrepreneurship that the money can not be used in the province, such as dining environment, so throwing money to engage in decoration, thought that there was >

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