What should be done to sell cigarettes

tobacco as a social occasion is a very important product in China has always been a very large demand, but also become a lot of store profits a big head. The festival is a number of famous cigarette sales stage, especially some of the first-line brand of cigarettes, sales is icing on the cake. However, because the consumer brand relatively tight supply, need to spend some time and energy to do so, reserves, some customers simply give up, only to sell some brands of cigarettes, the lost chance is a pity.

one is to do a good job in the supply of cigarettes reserves. As the saying goes "to make bricks without straw", sales season again, you will not supply the hand is no good, so do the reserve supply is the key to close the season of cigarette sell. Famous cigarette set plan features a small amount of supply is tight, if you have trouble, afraid of trouble, then you’ll lose sales opportunities. So, how to make their own supply and file?

first, seize the opportunity. Before the Spring Festival is the tobacco companies real "good start" period, according to my observation, with the economic downturn this year, the tobacco companies the easing of supply control is necessary, we should seize the opportunity to put goods, do not put these plans to be wasted, "your enquiry", do not hesitate. In fact, many smart teach them home early to allow customers to reserve in advance good supply, experienced retail customers they rarely cramming, mostly taken short sales certificates strategy.

secondly, to control the supply. To do a good job of controlling the supply of goods, in this season, to launch a number of alternative brands of cigarettes with the same grade, good steel used in the blade. For some of the cigarette brands aren’t too demanding consumers, can take certain measures in the sales incentives, famous brand alternative efforts, so you can keep the precious resources of famous brands, famous smoke and tobacco do often go hand in hand to.

two is selling cigarettes can not forget the new cultivation. Now, many famous brands have launched a series of cigarettes, extension lines but these goods regulations just introduced to the market is not necessarily to sell, the market acceptance is not high, but people out there. As long as your intentions to promote, the market is certainly there, expand the sales of cigarettes is not impossible.

, for example, "golden leaf" is good for us to sell here, especially high-end "days" is more intense. This time the tobacco companies launched the golden leaf fine cigarettes, at the beginning of our street did not sell a few, but I think this is a very fine cigarette smoke, golden leaf reputation is good, so they set a few.

started OTC, due to the lack of focus on the promotion of sales, it is not good, but because the same brand is very nervous, so I just as sales focus, highlight and recommendation, consumer acceptance is very high.

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