Shanghai Xuhui District 15 million yuan to support the development of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship has become an upsurge in the times, although the country is strongly supported, but the relevant policies across the country are different. In order to be able to attract more entrepreneurs, help more entrepreneurs go on to achieve the dream of the road, to provide 15 million yuan of funds to support the Shanghai of Xuhui District, so that the local entrepreneurial career development more popular.

business is not easy, a multitude of things. Have you ever thought that there is a platform that allows you to apply for and use entrepreneurial services like online shopping? Such a good thing can really become a reality. The upcoming Xuhui District science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship theme day series of activities, there will be a series of good news release, shout you go to Xuhui to venture to get a total of 15 million yuan of entrepreneurial support.

released the latest technology innovation policy

5 months of science and technology week, not only to enhance the scientific literacy of the public science time, but also the opportunity to get more information technology entrepreneurs. In May 24th, Xuhui District will set in Xuhui Xin world to carry out the theme "Huitong Huichuang · · industry innovation" theme day activities, which will be released on the new policy of science and technology innovation, and innovation of the latest achievements of international cooperation.

day before the reporter learned from relevant departments, the day of the event will be released the latest policy include: "Xuhui District science and technology innovation service management approach (Trial), the implementation of" coupons "on the development of Xuhui District multi-creation space propulsion mass innovation business support measures" (Trial), "Xuhui District outstanding innovative talents housing management measures" the main contents (trial). Among them, the qualified personnel for innovation and entrepreneurship, can provide housing subsidies, housing rental subsidies, talent apartments, team building project grants, etc..

science and technology innovation service platform to start

the same day, Xuhui District science and technology innovation service platform will also be launched on-line. The biggest highlight of this platform is to use "Taobao", entrepreneurs can apply a "technological innovation voucher" on the Internet, but also can give a full evaluation; no need to submit paper materials, a lot of time and energy saving.

according to reports, the science and technology innovation service voucher is used for the special subsidy policy to encourage enterprises to make full use of science and technology in the area of science and technology service industry resource rich region to carry out innovation activities, a period of service vouchers covering intellectual property, inspection, legal services, financial management, human resources development and services of these 6 categories of professional services. Eligible to apply for the certificate, the actual service costs incurred subsidies, reduce costs. Science and technology innovation service coupons are expected to support the amount of 15 million yuan, the intensity is considerable." Relevant staff revealed.

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