Underwear store location selection is very profitable location

underwear market demand, broad profit margins, is a hot investment. Open a lingerie store, first looking for the shop, after that business can be more easily. How to choose a lingerie store, where the business is good? Now Xiaobian for your analysis.

1, lingerie shop close to the best underwear production base, so that the supply is guaranteed.

2, the city has two downtown area, one of which is the management of cheap goods, one is a street stores, mainly in a dream, beautiful world, Toronto, Zuodangnu, red dragonfly stores.

3, the street underwear shop to join the shop rent 30 square of about 3000 yuan / month, about $18 square / month.

4, located in the street there is a lingerie store, the image is good, the shop is more biased, the initial business is better, but the latter business is poor, a single brand monopoly, less customer base. There are two low-grade underwear shop, no decoration, and sell branded goods, mainly to sell low-grade goods to make money, gross margin of about 20%.

1, consider joining underwear shop for new stores, in order to reduce rents, reduce costs, underwear store area can be less, so I decided to rent 18 square shops can be.

2,   there are two downtown lots, but the brand will be operating in this brand street. Only in this street to find a shop has a commercial atmosphere.

3,   must be operating a lingerie store to join the store, only for the local situation, because a Monopoly brand risk. To cover the second line, three line brand, seamless underwear, home clothes, socks, etc..


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