Jiangsu 6 chemical enterprises monopoly checked fined 3 million 810 thousand

the development of market economy, can not do without the supervision of the relevant departments! At present, Jiangsu province has 6 chemical enterprises monopoly, malicious raise prices has been investigated, and for their bad behavior, take the penalty measures!

24 day, the provincial Price Bureau informed investigate the situation with chemical enterprise price monopoly case, Lianyungang (601008, shares), Yancheng, 6 chemical enterprises to jointly improve the chlorophenols product sales price, and through the sales company unified foreign sales, which exclude and restrict the market competition, and ultimately damage the downstream company the interests of consumers, in violation of the national anti-monopoly law, a total of 6 enterprises was fined 3 million 810 thousand yuan.

it is worth noting that the price department will not leave "sensibilities", this case involved the enterprise name one by one exposure, which 5 enterprises are Lianyungang Zhicheng Chemical, Lianyungang byotec chemical, Guanyun Jinan Chemical, Lianyungang Hengmao chemical industry and Binhai Hongjia chemical, 1 sales enterprises as the focus of Shanghai biotechnology company.

these companies held a meeting of the industry alliance, a unified series of chlorinated phenol product sales price, the focus of the Shanghai platform for unified sales. Companies also pay the deposit, through the exchange of supervisors, fines and other ways to supervise the monopoly agreement in violation of the agreement implementation act. Lianyungang Heng Trade Chemical Co., Ltd., 3 companies due to violation of the League agreed to sell at a low price.

antitrust authorities in the provincial Price Bureau after the investigation, the focus of Shanghai will take the initiative to 500 thousand yuan and 240 thousand yuan fine deposit returned to the relevant enterprises, the enterprise is also committed to active rectification, finally, the provincial Price Bureau decided for companies involved in a lighter punishment, is imposed on each enterprise in 2014 of a fine of 1% in sales.

sound and rapid economic development, the emergence of a number of outstanding enterprises, but some companies in the market for illegal behavior. Is the so-called "justice has long arms, illegal behavior will be punished by law!

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