Sichuan four new venture to create innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere


in the implementation of innovation policy, are very awesome. The day before, science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province issued a new policy, in order to create eco innovation and entrepreneurship, four of the new deal will further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, and promote the economic development of Sichuan province.

around this year in Sichuan province "government work report" innovative entrepreneurship arrangements, science and Technology Department of Sichuan province this year will be the four initiatives to create innovative entrepreneurial ecology, further promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation.

is one of the implementation of entrepreneurship action in Sichuan. The implementation of the "Sichuan action" program (2016 – 2020). Carry out the "double" week, "Jing Rong Hui" series of innovation activities. Accelerate the development of the wisdom of the city, Chengdu Rong Chuang square and other innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Zone construction. Cultivate a strong entrepreneurial mentor team to strengthen the training of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship guidance.


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