Laid-off workers start their own businesses free of charge for nearly two thousand people re employm

a person entrepreneurship and employment, I believe this is the management policy to see results. In Weihai there are women’s such a good business, she is doing very much good, highly respected.

for laid-off workers dream of entrepreneurship when President

Zhang Fengzhi comb with exquisite hair, calm face placid, it is difficult to see that she had nearly fifty years. School for more than and 10 years, she taught students too many to count. Look at her achievements now, who would have thought that 16 years ago, she was also a laid-off workers. However, when the venture, many people are skeptical about her.

1999, Zhang Fengzhi laid off after the beginning of a small business, in order to enrich themselves, she is still unemployed workers created by the government free re employment training base to learn hairdressing and beauty, after working in the beauty salon. As a result of good technology, fast learning, Zhang Fengzhi became a celebrity in the beauty salon, inviting her to be an endless stream of training teachers.

"a laid-off worker can open the school when the headmaster?" At first, Zhang Fengzhi’s idea was met with suspicion. But others questioned did not become a stumbling block before her, but aroused her fighting spirit. To the community sector run procedures, location, training facilities and other training school with Zhang Fengzhi, and also unemployed husband together for dreams. August 26, 2001, Zhang Fengjian

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