We are in the wild west stage big data

do you know what’s hot right now? Yes, big data"! Big data has been developed to a critical stage. To   2017  year, the entire big data market will grow to   500  $100 million, but unfortunately   55%  big data projects are failing. And opportunity is speculation and false information, we are in big data’s Wild West stage.

Quantcast perfect interpretation of the growth of big data companies to take the four step model. The first step, it just provides free website traffic monitoring services. With the improvement of market acceptance, the results of the calculation of thousands of times per day increased to   10  the level of Quantcast , and soon surpassed the traditional database technology. The expansion of the business step by step and give it to provide a higher quality of the ability to analyze and judge, better by virtue of audience analysis for value-added and maintain customer relationships.

Quantcast  soon saw the need to invest in big data science, because the massive data found in the activities of the population data and Xing

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