Shanxi agricultural university students won the silver medal in the national entrepreneurship compet

college students how to innovate is an important issue, which is not only related to the future development of college students, but also with the national development can not be separated. Shanxi Agricultural University Students in a recent college students in the business competition, to prove their strength of innovation.

10 25, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Agricultural University, in 21, the end of the first Chinese "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the project "recommended by the university students’ innovative wisdom balcony vegetables planting Co.," won the silver medal in the group of creative.


the award-winning Shanxi Agricultural University "wisdom balcony vegetable planting Co. Ltd" project, by the 5 students in the campus art institute, School of economics and management, Institute of cooperation, have won the first prize in the provincial trials, and the success of the national top 100 finalists to participate in the national finals, the final scene of the game and won the national silver medal.

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